D-Link DNS323 (DNS 323) Problems and solution

Dlink dns323The D-Link DNS323 (DNS 323) is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that holds 2 SATA hard discs and should enable backup etc.

Read on for my problems which started with a brand new unit and two new 320 GB hard discs.

Here's a photo of the unit sat on the corner of my desk, in the corner, with all the clutter etc left there so you have something to compare it to.

In operation it's very quiet, there are two hard discs in there but it makes less noise than my standard USB/Firewire external enclosure.

There is a very useful wiki here, that has a lot of information about known issues and also a good forum, I've had helpful responses from a number of people there who have made positive suggestions - thank you all. Now that I have sorted out the issues and got the unit working I have added a section to the know issues on the Wiki.

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28 April March - unit setup

Unit arrived, with two Seagate 320 GB hard discs, installing the discs and attaching to the network was amazingly easy.

Power on, unit booted up fine, completed formatting of hard discs with no problems as shown on Quick Install Guide, so far very easy.

I selected RAID1 because I wanted disc mirroring, two discs with the same contents in case of failure, that way I could also take out one disc and store it elsewhere when away from home.

Next step is to map the drive in D-link DNS323 to a drive letter on my computer which is where the problems started.

I could not map the drives in the DNS323 to drive letters on my PC or access the unit via my Network Neighbourhood window.

Over 2 hours on the phone to D-Link, not a lot of help, it was obvious that the people I was talking to had no experience of using this unit and were reading from a script. Email to D-Link support pointing them to the web pages that I had built to show the problem.

29 March 2007

Going mad with frustration, still not much progress. No productive work done but several good suggestions from people via forums. No response from D-Link support.

3 April 2007 - email from D-Link support, how well did they do? Here's a page showing my original message and their response, judge for yourself.

30 March 2007

Problem solved, largely because of help received through forum posts and Dell's support. [My determination to solve this must come in there somewhere too.]

Dell support responded to my email within 30 minutes telling me where to download new software for my network card and directed me to a fault-finding mechanism on their website, this took me through a step by step process asking me to do various things.

When I removed my firewall (Zone Alarm) everything worked like magic!

The following pages are to help anyone who has similar problems - feel free to browse them and see if you are having the same issues - I'll be really pleased if this helps you, if you feel it's worth something you can buy me a cup of coffee :-).

You will find screenshots showing the problems and error messages received as I tried different approaches to solving this issue. There are also a set of screenshots that shows just how to set up the DNS323 with a static IP address and how to open that up within Zone Alarm so that it becomes available. If you just want the answer - here it is.