D-Link DNS323 (DNS 323)

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So, the D-Link Easy Search Utility doesn't work, here is what the D-link technician asked me to do with the Windows XP drive mapping.

Mapping D-link DNS323 with Windows XP Pro

DNS323 drive mapping

Open Windows drive mapping by . . .

Click on Start

Right-click My Computer

Select Map Network Drive ...

You should see this dialogue box.

The drive letter should not matter, and we want to connect to the D-link DNS323 so click the browse button and look for it.


dlink dns323 problems

Here's the screenshot of my network places, we'll work through this slowly with images for each stage.

Begin by clicking the + next to workgroup to see what's there


dns323 map drive

So it's looking good, there is the DNS323

Click the + next to it



DNS323 issues

Mmmmmm, nothing showing under the Dlink, perhaps you do not see the volumes at this stage, but I would expect to see them!

Let's click the dlink and see what happens



select dlink dns323

The OK button is still greyed-out, so it doesn't look like we're going to be able to connect this way.



Create new folder on dns323

We should be able to create a new folder using the button on the left, but it does not.

OK, perhaps I'm doing this as the wrong user, even though the DNS323 is supposed to be open, I tried changing the user to admin with no password and got exactly the same results.

Let's check the unit by looking at its configuration there could be clues there.

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