D-Link DNS323 (DNS 323)

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D-link DNS323 checking the configuration

Check the unit by looking at its configuration there could be clues there.

The unit is accessed via a web browser, going to the IP address that it has been assigned by the router, in my case that's you can pick that up from the Easy Search Utility - see previous page.

DNS323 lan configuration


That looks straightforward, it's set up for DHCP client, so it gets an IP address assigned by the router, and the gateway is correct - it appears on the network and I can 'ping' it . . .

How to ping the D-Link DNS323

In Windows, click Start, All programs, select Accessories, then Command prompt

At the prompt type pint followed by the IP address of the DNS323

ping dns323


So the unit is there on the network and it's responding.

Let's check the rest of its configuration . . .

DNS323 device configuration

DNS323 configurationLooks like the workgroup etc is set ok.


DNS323 Status display

status screen dns323Here's the device status screen showing all the information, as you can see the printer port is picking up my printer correctly.

You can see here that at the moment the discs are formatted as standard format. I tried that to see if it made any difference.

Next I'll re-format as RAID 1.

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