D-Link DNS323 (DNS 323)

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D-link DNS323 re-format hard discs as RAID1

DNS323 raidStart by going to the Tools menu and selecting RAID


raid on dns323

You get to select how much of the discs you want assigned to RAID1 and the rest is available as a separate volume, I have two off 320 GB drives so I selected 300 GB RAID and left a little bit over for miscellaneous storage.

Click next to start the format


progressAs the format proceeds you will see a progress bar telling you have far it's got.


completed raid1 formatFinally you should see the success screen


restartingThen the device restarts


after raid1 formatSo after the reformat we have the drives set up as RAID1 plus a small volume 2.

Still no success connecting and mapping the drives with either the Easy Search utility or doing it manually with Windows.

So what else can I try . . .

see the following pages for ftp and network printer setup on Dlink dns323

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