D-Link DNS323 (DNS 323)

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D-link DNS323 Setup ftp access and test - part 2

Having set up ftp access on the Dlink DNS323 it's time to test it and see if it works. The ftp client that is being used is Smart ftp.

DNS323 ftp connectionSmart ftp lets you type in the IP address or url that you want to connect to, followed by the username and password. Once these are in it attempts to connect. In this case the connection was almost instant as it's on my local network.

As shown here as user alan I've got root access, the two volumes are shown too.

Having got the connection I changed teh read/write access to Volume_1 by CHMOD to 777 (I'm aware of the security risks) Then I was able to create new folders on both of the drives. That looks impressive, both drives are accessible and when files were transferred they moved very quickly.

ftpAs shown it was easy to move files across.

What a pity that Windows XP can't access the volumes so easily.

Final page - looking for a network printer to use the print server in the DNS323