D-Link DNS323 (DNS 323)

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D-link DNS323 Setup a network printer using the print server

Add printer to DNS323Begin by plugging the USB cable from your printer into the back of the DNS323

printer added

dns323 status informationConnect to the DNS323 Network Storage device and check the status information, you can see that the printer has been recognised and correctly identified.

[It turns out that my printer (HP PSC1210) is not a network printer, so it can't actually be installed, however, these steps should work for a networkable printer. What I did was install a similar driver to show how the process works. ]

Next step is to go to the Windows 'Add printer' mechanism.


ftp setupWindows add printer Wizard started by going to the Printers and Faxes folder first.


adding printer to dns323

Select the radio button for network printer


dlink dns323 network printer addition

Now select the button to browse for the new printer


printer additionCare is needed at this point because the printer is already installed to print directly from my computer. That's the top one that is highlighted in green.

The network printer is attached to the DLINK and is highlighted in pink.

Click the DLINK icon to open it and show the attached printer.

network printer additionOnce you get the DLINK open and showing the attached printer you can click on the printer to select it.

network printer selected from additionThe network path to the printer should appear in the top box labelled Printer, now you can click Next to move through the installation.

network printing addition to DNS323Windows XP gives you a message about the possible hazards on installing software, if you are happy that you know where the printer driver is coming from click Yes.

printer driver not foundIn my case the driver was not found, so I have to go and find it.

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