D-Link DNS323 (DNS 323)

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D-link DNS323 access a different way

I've had some very useful assistance from people at a forum, thank you Aaron, magnus and minor.

The latest suggestion is to access the drives directly, using \\\Volume_1 or \\\Volume_2 in Windows Explorer.

Here's what happens . . .

DNS323 network mappingFirst I change the user to admin - with no password



Now put \\\Volume_1 into the box, it's all there but doesn't show fully


attempting to find dns323When Finish is clicked the system attempts to connect


not foundBut can't find the device.


I think this is strange because if I open Windows Explorer and ask for all the computers in my workgroup this is what I get

workgroup contentsWhich is showing the dlink server, however when I try to access it I get nothing except a message saying it can't be found. That's the next image.