D-Link DNS323 (DNS 323)

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Turning Zone Alarm off

These instructions are for turing off the free version of Zone Alarm.

Don't do any of these changes while using a wireless connection.

Turn off Zone Alarm Start by clicking on the Z (for Zone Alarm) icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your PC screen. This will show a menu - see next screenshot.

turn off zone alarm firewallLook down the list and select the 'Shutdown ZoneAlarm' item and left-click it with your mouse.

confirm zone alarm offWhen the confirmation dialogue box appears, click the Yes button. This will shut Zone Alarm down.

If you don't like the idea of having your computer connected to the internet without a firewall running then you can unplug the ethernet cable that connects you cable modem (or ADSL modem) to your router. This will leave the router running but as there is no physical connection you will not be exposed to internet traffic.

After you have turned off Zone Alarm, check that you can now access the D-Link DNS323 unit using the Easy Search Utility, you should find that you can now map the drives.

You can keep Zone Alarm on your computer by allowing access through the firewall to the DNS323 - set up details