Learning spanish

Learn more spanish language by example. Spanish words, phrases and examples taken from real life. All the spanish examples shown here are real spanish. Read the spanish words from products and road signs, notices and adverts. This is a great way to improve your spanish vocabulary because you are reading real examples of everyday spanish.

If you find anything wrong with the english translation do please let me know so that I can change it.

Click an image to enlarge it and read the spanish.

se vende

se vende for sale

for sale

Typical house for sale sign put up by owner

mantequilla con sel

mantequilla butter

butter with salt

In the UK this would be labelled as 'slightly salted' or 'lightly salted', in Spain 'con sel' and there is also 'sin sel' for unsalted




autolavado aspiradores salida car wash vacuum cleaners way out

car wash

vacuum cleaners

way out

alquilo apartamento en Paraiso de la bahia, 2 dormitorios, totalmente amueblado, por solo 400 tel

street call box (telephone)

Notice reads . . .

I am renting apartment in Paraiso de la bahia, two bedrooms, fully furnished, for only 400 euros a month


© 2009 Alan Chard, text and images. Images taken in Spain, April 2009