Internet for the terrified, plain English guide

The plain english guide to web hosting

This page is for people who are turned off or totally baffled by the jargon that most computer-people use when they are talking about the internet, if you want a website without all that then read on . . .

Some explanations

What is a website?

It's a collection of information that can be looked at by anyone who uses the internet.

Why might I want a website?

some reasons . . .

What you need for a website

You need the information that's going onto your website, then somewhere to keep it and an 'address' where people can go to see it. So let's look at each of those in more detail.

The information you want to put on your website

This is your collection of photographs, documents, ideas etc that you want to share. First you will need to get it into your computer so that it's in a form that can be used on your website. If you have a digital camera changes are that you already know how to get the photographs onto your computer and show them. Getting them to a website is not much different.

If your photographs are regular prints, then you will need another piece of equipment, a 'scanner', it works rather like a photocopier or fax machine connected to your computer. It's called a scanner because it 'scans' a photograph in a series of lines just like a television picture and then sends them to your computer.

You lay the photo onto a glass plate, put a cover on top and then tell the computer to read it in, or more likely, press a button the the scanner. Once you have done that you can usually change what's in the computer, for example by strainghtening it up if the original was not laid strainght up on the glass, or perhaps making it larger or smaller.

You can do the same with documents too, things like birth certificates, marriage certificates if you are setting up a genealogy website about your family history.

There are many computer programs now that help you put together all this information into a website, most of them are about as easy to use as a word processor, in fact most wordprocessors can save the documents that you write as web pages.

Somewhere to keep your website

Why do you need somewhere to keep your website when it's already saved on your computer?

The answer is that your computer is unlikely to have the special programs that are needed to send out the web pages when people ask for them, and they will not know how to find your web pages because you don't yet have an internet address - we'll look at that next.

What you do need is somewhere to keep your website that is always connected to the internet AND has the special programs that will send your website out when others ask to see it. That's where we come in, our business is to provide you with that service at a low cost and with the least hassle.

An internet 'address'

Every website, and there are millions of them, needs its own unique address, it has to be different from every other website. Computers are good with numbers, and each website address is a number. People are much better with names, so we can associate tesco, sears, aucahan etc with shopping. To make things easier for us websites are known by names which our computers convert to numbers for us and they do that in the background without us having to do anything.

These internet addresses look like or some of them have more than one dot in them, and most of them can be associated with a particular country, like would be a Canadian website.

Getting one of these names is quite simple and not expensive, we can handle all of that for you.

What next?

We have a special package for anyone who wants to start their own website, you get an internet address of your own (as long as someone has not already taken the name you want), somewhere to keep you website for 12 months, a photograh album already set-up and ready to go and a weblog (internet diary) set-up and ready for you to start using.

All this for US$ 75, no additional taxes or hidden charges.

More information: Email: email for more information

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